Monday, February 18, 2013

Young Replicant on the rise.

Young Replicant is a crew of visual artists specializing in music videos. Headed by directors Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin, they first got their start by collaborating on a video contest entry for M83 in 2008.

The imagery and overall feel of their videos are usually akin to a dream, and the atmosphere usually has an airy, surreal weight to it. Symbolism is also no stranger to their art form, but the flow of their cinematography and storytelling is not interrupted the meaning eludes you.

Young Replicant has rapidly become a popular go-to for many artists in the electronic/alternative music industry. They have produced videos for names such as Angela McCluskey, The XX, Purity Ring, Hooray for Earth, Wise Blood, and Baths.

You can view the rest of their work at their site:

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