Monday, February 4, 2013

Willem van Weeghel - Dynamic Structure 29117

Video Located on the link below

This sculpture created by William van Weeghel is one of his many kinetic sculptures. Titled Dynamic Structure 29117 is a mural object with the dimensions of 4.20 x 2.80m. It consists of a white background with 32 stainless steel and carbon dark blue lines that all can rotate independently from each other. The way that these line move is by silent electrical motors behind the scenes, so there is no sounds being made while observing the piece. The motors are run by a computer program that the artist has configured to give the most visual appealing imagery.

This piece reminds me of the sculpture that Marcel l Duchamp did called "Bicycle Wheel". It is or could be one of the first kinetic sculptures, it had to start somewhere and why not with Duchamp.

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