Monday, February 18, 2013

Matthew Stone

“Optimism is the Vital Force that Entangles itself with and then Shapes the Future.” - Matthew Stone
Born in 1982 London, Stone still lives and works in there. The artist's multifaceted work addresses culture as a whole. 
Matthew Stone is an artist and shaman. These two interconnected roles are defined by his activities as photographer, sculptor, performance artist, curator, writer, Optimist and cultural provocateur. Stone’s work and thinking goes far beyond the remit of his art, and his power of existence is recreating the role of the artist in the 21st century. Though perhaps most known for his painfully beautiful photographic nudes, most exciting is Stone’s recent move into video, where he has begun to direct his own video-based artworks. 
In 2012, he published 1,000 copies of his book, in which he shares striking monochrome photographs of naked nubile bodies entwined and submerged in water from his collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato. Created to celebrate Nakazato's spring/summer 2012 collection, inspired by the perhaps contrary theme of a “utopian nudist colony,” the series was shot over two days while camping in a country house garden and has been released as a limited-edition art book, The Body Beyond, by Vogue Homme Japan's Junsuke Yamasaki. 
"Essentially, for me optimism is creativity, it’s the force that enables or motivates people to do something rather than nothing."

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