Monday, February 11, 2013

Nirrimi Firebrace

Nirrimi Firebrace is a new up-and-coming young photographer from New South Wales, Australia.

At 13, she fell in love with photography and at 14, she fell in love with a boy name Matt, who also worked in photography.  She initially shot her younger sisters and her friends in Australia.  Nirrimi's bond with this boy (who lived across the country) fueled her creativity and passion for photography, while lessening her passion for school and organized education.

She dropped out of high school at 16, and moved in with Matt.  Homeless, they spent there days photographing and being gypsies in places like France, Indonesia, Italy and America. Nirrimi then won 2 national photograph awards and 1 national photography award, which paid for her equipment and travel.  At 17, she was signed to a fashion photography agency (the youngest to ever do so).

At 19, Nirrimi has shot international Diesel and Billabong campaigns and has had her images on billboards, books, bus/train stations and numerous magazines. 

Her and her life partner, Matt also operate a website and blog which chronicles their life (with their newborn baby, Alba) and sells popular photoshop commands.

Nirrimi continues to travel and shoot portrait and fashion photography and is projected to become one of the "greats" in fashion photography in the future.


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