Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dalda 13

My 2nd post is inspired by all the stuff going on in India with women starting to stand up for themselves. 

Homai Vyarawalla

For my ladies out there! Homai Vyarawalla was the first Indian female photojournalist. She died last month guys, (at 98 years old- 2 years shy of 100) and I thought I'd pay some respect because I had no idea who this chick was but there she was as this role model for the women in india having it rough currently. She accepted free-lance photo gigs from her government during world war 2 and kept it going strong. She is well known for her images of the politicians who came to and from India throughout the 50's. 

And she had this secret nickname for herself when she had her photographs published and put in galleries. Her code name was Dalda 13 (I wanna secret name...) 
She actually quit photography for the last years of her life in protest of current photography trends (strong lady....) She feels like there in no respect anymore and everyone is out to just make a dollar hides behind tech now. That really interests me because I think she may have a point.....

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