Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theresa Brazen- Un/ Becoming Beautiful, 2006

I want to introduce Theresa Brazen. You may or may not have heard of her since she is from here. I have kept up with her though out the last 10 years and have watched her progress and grow as an artist. I enjoy her use of color, exaggerated features and text to explore intimate human emotion in her paintings and her willingness to explore the raw emotion that make some people uncomfortable and run away from.

If you go on her website you will experience videos that will show her pushing the boundaries of the human spirit. What is beauty? In the video Un/Becoming Beautiful, Brazen shows the everyday concerns and insecurities that women have. As she puts on more make-up to become the commercialized idea of beautiful she still says to herself that she is not beautiful. Then as she begins to aggressively take off the mask she reveals the true beauty that is her.

In 2011 Brazen, with no words spoken, she skillfully portrays the communication or the lack of between two people in Open House. I the video you watch the pain that happens when one's affections are misunderstood and then the blissful happiness when then his affections are reciprocated.
CHECK HER OUT! lI Lost My Appetite For You, 2007

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