Monday, February 4, 2013

Harry Ally

Harry Ally is an artist who taught at Valdosta and resides part time in Ohio. He was my painting teacher when I spent a summer in Valdosta for the Governor's Honors Program (GHP), for which I was nominated to go for visual arts. His work is based on the idea that humans inherently have the desire and urge to create and destroy. He is more interested in having the viewer complete the image rather than he himself dictate the viewer's imagination by fully illustrating the image. That being said, he relies heavily subject matter that, abstractly, deals with the subconscious and relates beauty with decay, as well as finding and presenting beauty in decay. Harry pays close attention to seemingly minute detail, such as the surface quality of his paintings; he recognizes that the surface upon which he paints directly correlates and connotates the image that he is creating. As Harry states it himself, "In the end the works are about a search, a search for truth and a search for correctness through the act of painting."

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