Monday, February 18, 2013

The Recovery of Discovery

Cyprien Gaillard, The Recovery of Discovery (2011).

At the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin Cyprien Gaillard, 72,000 bottles of “Efes” beer have been taken from Turkey and transported to Germany in order to complete this cardboard pyramid. This geometric sculpture has mostly been created as a place for tourism- so that is attracts tourists and of course, excites them and makes them part of the pyramid (aka allows them to drink this pyramid). This is quite different because often we find ourselves outside of art and never a part of it. Instead, we find ourselves a part of art and a part of the removal of art, and some of us find ourselves satisfied, and others, quite satisfied. The alcohol is destroyed physically, while it destroys the art and our minds at the same time. It is a parallel if you think about it- does it not destroy our thinking of the art in the first place and then if we consume the alcohol, the beautiful piece of art is then destroyed again because of the mental state we are in? “The physical hangover is also an architectural one, from which one has to recover.”


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