Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neil Dawson- Horizon

Neil Dawson's sculpture here is displayed at Gibbs Farm along with many other site specific installations in New Zealand. He studied at Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, Melbourne. Dawson produces large sculptures made from welded and painted steel. This one specifically is called Horizons and was produced in 1994. The beauty of this sculpture is that from afar it looks like a simple painting done in the sky and almost looks unrealistic because of it's simple yet unique beauty. Horizons was one of the first works commissioned for the Gibb's Farm. Also it sits on one of the highest points of the farm making it possible to see from the road. It has a tromp l'oeil effect that "fools the eye" from a distance. It is ironic that something so mechanical and so sturdy can look so gentle, flowing in the wind.

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