Monday, February 25, 2013

On a current spanish artist fix!

My research paper is on Doris Salcedo (a columbian artist). So I thought why not research another spanish artist who is alive, still kickin' AND still making art? So I present:

Jose Merello!

A self taought artist, he is from Spain and was inspired by the Prado museum (PICASSO! Can you tell from his work?) I immediately saw influences of Matisse and Picasso in his artworks. Most of his subjects are women (oh that romantic spanish man lol) and he actually claims his chice of subject is due to his spanish nature! His artist statement is "The painting does not need so much circus not so many intellectual pretension. She must sprout of the clean soul of the man.”

It is a modern expressionism in my opinion and you can see that this is a current (as in the last 10 years) art piece. His color palette speaks to me since I love color and try to use it as often as possible. 

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