Monday, February 4, 2013

The Birth Of Venus, After Botticelli (Pictures Of Junk)

This photograph was taken after the work of Vik Muniz. I came across this while visiting the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC. They had a voting contest going on where some of the top works of art were chosen and the spectators could vote which was their favorite. This conceptual photograph was one of the few that was apart of this contest. He is a famous contemporary artist from Brazil, that makes representations of historic masterpieces. When I saw this from afar I was astounded. Up close, you can see all the intricate detail, and the different kinds of media that he chooses. Basically he arranges rubbish into masterpieces and then photographs it to capture the work of art within a frame. Some of the objects that he used to make this representation of The Birth of Venus By Botticelli, are tires, bolts, coils of wire, soda cans, etc.

To get more information and check out other artwork done by Vik Muniz visit,

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