Monday, February 11, 2013

Tomás Saraceno

Cloudy House: A Geometric Installation

This great cloud installation came from many other similar obsessions similar to what we see on the screen by the amazing artist named Tomás Saraceno. Minimal information has been found about this piece, however, we do know that this piece was debuted at Andersen’s Contemporary Berlin “with sculpture, photographs, and videos.” He goes on to say about his work, “by means of the image of foam, you can show that the small forms protect us against fusion with the mass and the corresponding hypersociologies. In this sense, foam theory is a polycosmology.” By looking at more of his pieces, you are able to see that he is obsessed with the idea of foam and protection. He has built geometric houses in which one can climb in, translucent foam trampolines that one can jump in and feel safe, and multiple lines that combine all that can confuse all. 

-Ally Parfene

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