Monday, March 11, 2013


Jean "Moebius" Giraud is a prolific illustrator created and influenced countless works within our fantasy and sci-fi culture today. He worked on preliminary designs for such films as Alien, Tron, The Abyss, Masters of the Universe, The Fifth Element, and Willow. He has been a direct influence for major works such as Blade Runner.

Concept art for The Diva in Fifth Element (1997)

The style of his illustration is known as well for his rich imagination as the superb color use and attention to environmental detail.

Moebius is renown for his comic strip "Fort Navajo" and spinoff "Blueberry", and also for teaming with Stan Lee to make the “Silver Surfer: Parable,” published in 1988.

Moebius unfortunately passed away last year while fighting an illness; he was 73 years old.

It's Arbus TIME!

Artist of the week: is the lovely Diane Arbus!

Famous black and white photographer, she used 35 mm black and white film to capture her subjects which consisted of bizarre portraits. She loved to take photographs of "outsiders" aka strange stereotyped people or emotions and events. She created silver gelatin prints of her 35 mm film. She had some harsh critics claiming she was just winging it, but I think that's part of the charm. 

I find her pictures stunning. She captures this unusual moment that makes you observe every detail. It's shame she committed suicide in 1971. I think she would have continued to create wonderful photographs. Or maybe she wouldn't have been able to handle this modern world? Either way, I'm glad she used film because it's a permanent way of remembering her. 

Lesseus Woods

Architect Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012)  was an architect that dedicated his life to pushing the potential of architecture.  Even though few buildings wear his name he had an enormous influence on the field of architecture.  Much of his work were drawings of free thought that included recognizable areas destroyed by natural disaster or war and renderings of future cities.  Many pieces of his work is to be shown at SFMOMA this year.  

Lebbeus Woods, Architect


MICHAEL HUSSAR- I had a book of his work about 3 years ago and sadly let someone borrow it, never to be seen again. I love his work for the obvious dramatic antithesis of fashion and beauty. All dressed up and nowhere to go. It's stands as a reminder that nothing is ever as it seems. There is always some ugly underneath that is not shared. Also, they seem to have a nastalgic feeling of times past with sexual and religious references like the old Masters. While working in a very classical style he comes off very contemporary with his added grotesque, emotional and dramatic and truly dark and sometimes suicidal themes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Matt Wisniewski

There is not much about the Matt Wisniewski, besides the fact that he was born in Philadelphia in 1990, and therefore is as young as many of the students here at Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently lives in New York. In an interview with “Design Tonic” online, he discusses about his process and says that he enjoys layering on top of his image and lightening and multiplying in Photoshop. He then begins to clean things up and match and contrast various parts. Currently still a student at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology, he prefers to work with Photoshop rather than working with a paintbrush, although he has the technique down- as he has told other interviewers. As he has said before, “Photoshop is a lot more forgiving than traditional media. I can easily fix mistakes or experiment with an idea and completely erase those changes if I feel they don’t fit,” he said in an interview with LightBox. 

I chose to use his pieces of work for the last entry because they have always inspired my projects, especially since they have some sort of metaphorical meaning behind them, in one way or another. They are beautiful, simple, natural, yet modern.

-Ally Parfene

Maurizio Cattelan

A myth is a foundational narrative that may be based in truth or fiction but either way it tells a story of who we are. Thus self-consciousness is constructed by a shared narrative and helps us to give shape and even name our identity. If we think of identity in the usual terms of religion or nationalism, some examples of these mythological narratives include the King James Bible or the story of George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. But in the art world, there are strains of mythology that are built on identity formations like artist, curator, or critic.
But Cattelan also challenges more traditional mythologies such as Christianity. His Untitled, 2009, a taxidermied horse on its side with a wooden sign reading INRI staked in its flank, was placed in a dark gallery of dreamy Magritte paintings. This obviously references the Latin acronym inscribed on Jesus’ cross declaring him to be king of the Jews. But placed on a dead horse, a symbol of foolishness, what does this mean? In the Menil’s comment book there were some Christian visitors that were very much offended by this work, assuming that is was heretical along with Untitled, 2007, a sculpture of a woman face down and crucified in a shipping crate.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Visions of McKean

Dave McKean is an English illustrator with style notable for its mass inclusion of drawing, painting  photography, collage, found objects, digital art, and sculpture. Thus, his visual style can hardly be identified according to the attributes of any one medium. Often times, his work forfeits any grounded realism and instead abstractly depicts a mood or atmosphere by seaming together various imagery almost like a crooked quilt.

Cover for Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman"

His work has been used for numerous book covers, and was notably seen in comic books such as Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum.

McKean's portrayal of Joker in "Arkham Asylum"

In 2005, he directed his first feature length film, MirrorMask, produced by Jim Henson Studios, with screenplay written by Neil Gaiman.

Scene from McKean's 2005 "MirrorMask"

He is currently writing and directing a new film, Luna, stated to be released early this year.