Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Piece on Richard Serra


Although another classmate has written on Richard Serra, I have had this piece put aside and I hope the other does not mind that too claim the idea as well. I fell in love with Serra's minimal sculptural work while studying for my next 3-D  project freshman year. Although the work is not very conventional and very large-scale, they are very modern and amazing to be able to walk around and look at. 

Serra studied English at Berkeley in California, and while there, he worked in steel mills in order to support himself. Well, support himself he did, later in life. He studied Fine Art at Yale University, which also plays a part later in his life, especially since he is not just known for his steel work, but he is also known for his portraits. 

All in all, Serra is still continuing to work as a steel man building installations that will blow a man away. 

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