Monday, January 14, 2013

This installation is done by Sebastian Verdon at Polyforum Siqueiros.
This interactive installation art is to captivate and manipulate the viewer through an eye-opening and widened-perspective experience of the world around him/her.  That is if the viewer is willing to be open-minded enough. In this Verdon frames the art viewer within a fictionalized space, bringing up ideas around the illusion in practices like painting, the consideration of space in sculpture and installation, and what it means to be the viewer within an art work.

In my view everything can be, somehow, related to fashion. Why? Because I am living and breathing fashion right now. So here it is, illusion in space, created by shadows, created by folds to give the illusion of shape and volume. Isn't that what fashion is? An illusion? An idea of somthing that we have made ourselves out to be, if only in our own minds? And hwen done right can be quite charming or not.

 Here are some words by Verdon himself:

"The artist draws on current expectations, general paralysis, creativity and inspiration from which a great instinct for transforming the contemporary melancholy humor singular, that is neither cynical nor just absurd. A job that tends to capture the indeterminate, an aesthetic that seeks ambiguity in games of tension between the mental and physical, between reality and artifice, and hermetic readability, lucidity and innocence. His affinity with lavish photography coherence to its research around the concepts of objectivity and whether or not to capture reality. His work, particularly its celestial and stellar photographs, are an indication of a sincere dialogue and perceptive to the intangible."


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