Monday, January 28, 2013

Francesca Woodman

Many photographs capture your eye, but sometimes, the story behind the photographs seem to capture your heart even more.

Francesca Woodman, a talented young woman born to well-known George Woodman and Betty Woodman artists of Colorado found herself in the same line of work after attending many summers in Italy, Rhode Island School of Art, and eventually landing in New York City. However, she did not see her work ending up anywhere, and for that reason, depression and her first suicide attempt came about. Unfortunately, her second suicide attempt outside the windows of her loft in New York killed her at the age of twenty-two. The most dreadful part of it all is that her portfolio was a masterpiece. 

I am not a photography major, but her photography is much like poetry. Many have compared it to Sylvia Plath’s work, but in a visual form.

-Alexandra Parfene

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