Monday, January 28, 2013

Esao Andrews

Esao Andrews is my personal favorite artist. At 35 he lives in Mesa, Arizona painting regularly. He has created all of the album covers of one of my favorite bands Circa Survive. He combines Gothic grotesque, erotic subject matter and surrealism to really create an interesting subject matter. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York and claims that he works in his own movement. He calls this movement, Pop Surreal: Cartoon-Tainted Abstract-Surrealism. He is an interesting person but is set on doing his own thing and not following the crowd. In an interview by the NY Arts Magazine in 2007 he stated “…I'm afraid of becoming labeled. I'm young and I'm early in my career, but things have been picking up, and I've become obsessed with this issue. Like, I don't want to be known as one of those people that paint wide-eyed girls. I've been trying to diversify my subject matter and not necessarily always include funny elements like I usually do.” His use of color really is helpful in making each of his paintings very different in terms of color and mood. 

Below are a few examples of his work:

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