Monday, January 21, 2013

Enchanting Wonderland....

I am fascinated by deconstruction and reconstruction of clothing. The use of ordinary objects to create garments is an interesting approach to a Recycling type of Art. English Photographer Kirsty Mitchell shows her talent not only with the use of light and color but also her collage creation of a scenery. The idea behind an intertwined world between Nature & Humanity is successfully achieved. Her description:
     "Her character represents a creature born from the essence of stories – a body of books and forgotten ripped pages, created by the natural elements and insects that surround her. I wanted her half human form to be the marriage of the earth and printed words; spun together by the moths and butterflies that shared the hollow she would spend her life guarding.

I believe the costumes are phenomenal and thankfully not a close reference to the usual Alice in Wonderland. 

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