Monday, January 28, 2013

The Voice of Winds - Kazunori Matsumura

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Since I love interactive art I chose to write about this installation at the  Post Design Gallery in Milan. I think this exhibit is meaningful and fun. Japanese artist Kazunori Matsumura designed this Tree shaped pipe that has great meaning, I loved what his inspiration was behind creating this piece. In my opinion much of my art work has been personal and I think this is very personal by him stating that primitive Japanese people believed that the wind was worshipped and sacred. He also explains that the tree shape makes it also look like animal bones.To make the piece in the shape of the tree gives it a natural feel and makes it interesting. I like the shadow that it makes while hanging in the air. The audio makes it feel like you are out in nature listening to the atmosphere around you. The fact that the public can interact/touch/feel/see/hear the piece also makes it very interesting. I wish I could go see it personally. I enjoyed watching the video. I'll be on his site to see more of his work. 

“The Japanese primitive people recognized the wind as voice of heaven. The people worshiped the wind as sacrament and listened carefully the voice. The people thought that the wind has personality,” - Kazunori Matsumura

If you would like to view more of his work this link below will direct you to his site. Enjoy.

Kazunori Matsumura

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