Monday, January 21, 2013

Shortologies by H-57

While searching among blogs for inspiration a few summers ago, I came across an advertising agency named H-57 out of Milan, Italy that is known for their witty and minimalistic work with companies such as Coca-Cola and GQ Magazine. I came across what they call now Shortology and I began to think of advertising on a different level. The concept of this ten Euro book is that it tells the story of the lifetime of random people, animals, or objects that we have become familiar with in our lifetimes in a quick and “123” way. A few of my favorites include the “Shortology” of Michael Jackson, in which he is depicted for his racial resemblances up until his death. Another quick way of knowing about someone’s life is the way that they came up with Vincent Van Gogh’s biography. It shows the Eiffel Tower, a vase of flowers, an ear, and then a gun. This all equates to his life in Paris, his most famous painting, his ear having been cut off, and the way he passed away, all in a respectable manner. 

Even though our class may question that this is art, others might. Or who knows, someone may leave a comment questioning this. Much like we find the posters on our walls in the dorms art, this is easily art. Illustration and design is certainly involved, and it has some thought to it. 

Don’t make things a “shortology”! 

-Alexandra Parfene

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