Monday, January 28, 2013

The Gray Allegories: Cognition. Preliminary work of my graphic novel series.

 Cognition is the second of a four segment graphic novel series I hope to have published. Each segment chronicles a new era, each subsequent to one another, and changes the perspective around as far as which character(s) you follow. After the events of the first book, one character, Rain, is held captive and induced to a psychosis so to manipulate a neurological device he has permanently installed in him.
The second book follows Rain as he is forced into a psychedelic odyssey through his own mind, confronting embodiments and manifestations of his fears, past, and aspects of his persona. As he endures this fabricated landscape, the associates and friends of his underground community attempt to infiltrate the ward in which he is being held in, as well as the very realm of Rain's mind.
These illustrations and page layouts are my earliest attempts at fleshing the novel/imagery out. I already am 1000% more enlightened as to what I could do better since starting at SCAD and hope to bring a full story to a reading audience in the near future.

                    Page 7 of excerpt                                       Page 8 of excerpt

Page 14 of excerpt
This page is an example of my attempt to use color for representation. I'm currently planning to incorporate three other tones beside B&W, each hue meaning something different. In this case, the Violet color is to tell you that what you're seeing is back in reality (not in Rain's mind). Sometimes, there's a mix of imagery from both his mind and reality overlapping, and this helps differentiate the two.

Character demo: Rain and Lexi

Character demo: Atom and Redcinn

This last piece I painted in oils and is inspired by a particular scene from my novel. The imagery is supposed to be a humanoid figure (a "node" if you will) containing suppressed emotional energy. In the novel, there's fields of these guys, and one character, Redcinn, disrupts one, which causes a chain reaction and each 'node' begins releasing the energy in a storm like explosion...

I'm looking forward to refining and building upon what I currently have fleshed out as I progress in SCAD. Stay tuned for updates at