Monday, January 28, 2013


The article features the works of artist Clarina Bezzola. According to the article, her creation does not limit only to three-dimensional forms but she blends performance art, poetry, fiber sculpture and song to form a unique form of art. In addition, she stated that her works are representations of her feelings and human psychology with which she make visible through creating something that utterly describes it. Furthermore, she asserted that her art focuses primarily on giving colors to things which other people often miss to see, as well as express the inexpressible. Her focus on theatrical garments imbued with meaning and presence can be worn in performances or exhibited as sculptures. For Bezzola, disguising the body becomes an exaggerated and performing action that can be used to explore cultural and societal boundaries, examining issues of isolation, security, and identity. Similar to Nick Cave's 'Sound Suits' and how they reflect African American culture and are inspired by African ceremonial dress. Bezzola's armor-like apparatuses, composed of fabric or metal, acts as shields or barriers. INSIDE OUT

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