Monday, January 14, 2013

Air Drumming Alexis Fraser

I had come across this while searching the articles on the New York Times websites. This video was pretty interesting I didn't think that Alexis Fraser's painting would really come out like the title had described. I would like to compare her to other action painters of the past like Jackson Pollock, or Willem de Kooning. Fraser has obviously used her talent to make really cool and interesting portraits. I also checked out her website and I think that she is extremely talented when it comes to her use of color and stroke. She has an interesting and fresh new way of approaching portrait and landscaping. I really don't think that many artists have thought of different ways of getting the paint on the canvas. It is like she is making music through painting on canvas. I hope to see much more of her work in the near future. I like several of her paintings of Michael Jackson and she also has one of Marilyn Monroe I believe that by her making portraits of recognizable figures that she will in no time be much bigger than she is currently. It will give her much more edge and notoriety. I have also added the link to her site.

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