Monday, January 21, 2013

Melvin Sokolsky

I follow an amazing art blog on Tumblr, called ALOP or Art in Odd Places. It is where I find out about a lot of current art, or at least art that has been created in the last 60 years.

Recently I was scrolling through their page, when I came across some absolutely beautiful editorial shots by the photographer Melvin Sokolsky an american photographer, who is known for his work in fashion as well as advertising. 

This series was done for Harper's Bazaar Spring Collection in Paris 1963, and is entitled, "Bubble." The girls were suspended in plexiglass "bubbles" throughout Paris, which were held up with cranes. 

I love the approach Sokolsky took, the photos are eerie yet breath taking; simple yet extraordinary. I am an illustration major so I don't know very little about fashion or photography, but that is what is so great about these photos. They can appeal to just about anyone because they tell a story or at the very least intrigue the viewer, and that is why I wanted to share them with you. 


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