Monday, March 4, 2013

Visions of McKean

Dave McKean is an English illustrator with style notable for its mass inclusion of drawing, painting  photography, collage, found objects, digital art, and sculpture. Thus, his visual style can hardly be identified according to the attributes of any one medium. Often times, his work forfeits any grounded realism and instead abstractly depicts a mood or atmosphere by seaming together various imagery almost like a crooked quilt.

Cover for Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman"

His work has been used for numerous book covers, and was notably seen in comic books such as Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum.

McKean's portrayal of Joker in "Arkham Asylum"

In 2005, he directed his first feature length film, MirrorMask, produced by Jim Henson Studios, with screenplay written by Neil Gaiman.

Scene from McKean's 2005 "MirrorMask"

He is currently writing and directing a new film, Luna, stated to be released early this year.

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