Sunday, March 10, 2013

Matt Wisniewski

There is not much about the Matt Wisniewski, besides the fact that he was born in Philadelphia in 1990, and therefore is as young as many of the students here at Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently lives in New York. In an interview with “Design Tonic” online, he discusses about his process and says that he enjoys layering on top of his image and lightening and multiplying in Photoshop. He then begins to clean things up and match and contrast various parts. Currently still a student at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology, he prefers to work with Photoshop rather than working with a paintbrush, although he has the technique down- as he has told other interviewers. As he has said before, “Photoshop is a lot more forgiving than traditional media. I can easily fix mistakes or experiment with an idea and completely erase those changes if I feel they don’t fit,” he said in an interview with LightBox. 

I chose to use his pieces of work for the last entry because they have always inspired my projects, especially since they have some sort of metaphorical meaning behind them, in one way or another. They are beautiful, simple, natural, yet modern.

-Ally Parfene

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