Monday, March 4, 2013

Giuseppe Licari’s Humus 2012

Humus 2012 by Giuseppe Licari
Ceiling construction, trees' roots, halogen lamps - dimensions variable 

Giuseppe Licari’s Humus 2012 presents these chandelier-like objects in a modern room filled with society in which these people can observe the root of the problem, literally. The installation is titled ‘humus’ because it “refers to the soil layer that is essential for the growth of trees and plants” which Licari said when asked. Typically when invited to view a presentation of artworks, the pieces are placed against the walls or even on the floors, however, in this case- the viewers had to flow about, trying to view the roots from above. It was as if they were trying to view this underground secret lair. This has much to do with the relationship between humankind and nature, and viewing the growth between the two and our relationship with nature itself. 


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